O-Hydroxy Benzamide

Salicylamide NF

Chemical Molecular Formula



137.14 G/MOL


Technical Information: White or slightly pink crystalline powder. Bitter in taste, sensation of warmth on tongue, forms water soluble Sodium Salt at 9pH.

Appearance: A colourless crystalline powder

Assay: 98.0% to 102% of C7H7NO2 calculated on the anhydrous basis.

Odour: Almost Odourless

Melting Range: 139 C – 142 C

Infra red absorption: Passes test

Ultraviolet absorption:Passes test

Water: 0.5% (max)

Residue on ignition: 0.05% w/w (max) N.F.XIII/0.1% w/w/U.S.P.


Chromatographic Purity: Complies with U.S.P. test

Organic Volatile Impurities: Complies with U.S.P. test

Soluble in hot water, chloroform and ether.
pH of saturated aqueous solution at 25oC is 5.0.Solubility in water at 30oC is 0.2% at 47oC is 0.8%; Solubility in Glycerol at 5oC is 2.0%; at 39oC is 5%; at 60oC is 10%. Solubility in Propylene Glycol at 5oC is 10%.

Heavy Metals: 0.001% (U.S.P. limit)

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